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       August 24     Cross Country season begins!

2020 Senior Spotlight!

Coach DeRocco's recognition of the Class of 2020

A look back at the results of the Class of 2020! ***PDF File***

A look back at the results of the Class of 2020! ***HTML File***

For those of you interested in cross country this fall, BOYS should contact Coach DeRocco at GIRLS should contact Coach Skufca at

2020 Outdoor Track and Field Seasonal Best List 

A few results from May 23rd weekend

Week 12 Workouts (May 18th - 24th)***sorry it is late, made the document, but forgot the link! 

A few strong performances from the weekend! 

Week 11 workouts (May 11 - 17th) 

Distance pace worksheet **updated 5-11-20**

Sprint Pace Worksheet **updated 5-11-20**

Results from the weekend of May 8th 

Love that people are still cranking out PR's! Great job!

Week 10 Workouts (May 4 - May 10th) 


Some strong performances over the beautiful weather weekend! 


Results of dual meet 3 

Some really nice long sprint and middle distance efforts!

Week 8 Thrower Workouts 

Workouts for Week 8 (April 27 - May 3) 

Results of Invy #3 from the weekend of April 25 

Thank you for checking in and for the good work!

Week 7 Workouts 

Week 7 Thrower Workouts 


Results of Virtual Invy 2 

Just a reminder to send me any results from your weekend efforts.

Please visit Coach Wimberly's Facebook or Instragram page for at home workouts!

A message from Coach DeRocco 

Hope all of you and your families are doing well. I invited the members of the high school team to a Google Classroom in an effort to reach out in a way other than email. Even though we can't be together, you are still our team. I will post things on there, you can reply, we can have team meetings, whatever. Practice and meets were a big part of our day, so I just thought it may be nice to have this option available to us as well. I hope that you all accept the invitation, and that you have a great day. I miss all of you!

April 18th was supposed to be the 13th Annual Warrior Track Classic. Many of you know that this is a fundraiser for Coaches vs. Cancer. Though that is a tremendous cause, I'm going to go more local this year. I challenge you to donate to the Nisky NOW Food Pantry this year. They have been purchasing and handing out meals to families in the community that need it most. I can only imagine what a daunting task this is, especially with school not in session. I'm sending in $25 today. I challenge all of you to donate something, even $1 to this worthwhile cause. Send your donations/gift cards to NISKY NOW, 1737 Union Street, #132, Niskayuna, NY 12309. Thank you in advance! And let's stay NiskyTogether!

Week 6 Workouts 

Week 6 Thrower Workouts 


Results of Dual Meet 2 ***UPDATED 4-11-20*** 

Keep the results coming in! It ended up being a much better day than I originally thought. Thank you for taking advantage of it wherever you decided to race. If you have Twitter, send a tweet or follow me at @CoachDeRoc. If reporting results or posting pictures, include the hashtag #NiskyTogether.

Please make ure you are doing an appropriate warm up and down. Since you are not supposed to be congregating at the track, please use GPS technology on the roads, bike path or Niskayuna soccer fields near Craig, or anywhere in your neighborhood. Utilize these mileage conversions to help:

          100 meters =   .06215 miles
          200 meters =   .1243 miles
          400 meters =   .2486 miles
          800 meters =   .4972 miles
          1500 meters =  .93226 miles
          1600 meters =  .99441 miles
          3000 meters =  1.8645 miles
          3200 meters =  1.9888 miles
Please check in with your results so that I can maintain the leaderboard for this season. If you are able to do hurdles or field events, please report them as well! Good luck and stay Nisky Strong!

Week 5 Thrower Workouts 

Week 5 Sprint and Distance Workouts 


Really hard to put these together with such limited data. I did the best I could to extrapolate information from the TT on the 12th and what the distance runners sent me for the 800 and 200. "T" is Tempo, "I" is interval -- faster than tempo, "F" is Fast and sprint is max effort. Thanks to those of you who have checked in to let me know how you are doing! The rest of you....what are you waiting for! We should have goals for this season even though we might not be together right now. Do the work, and take pride in being Nisky Strong!

Results of virtual Invy 1 

Some great performances turned in so far today. Please let me know if you got out there to enjoy the beautiful day! I haven't heard from hardly any sprinters and there are a lot of you. Hope you are taking the time to get things done! Seniors, I know this is so difficult on you, but just TRY! Check in with me even if you aren't training. I'd love to know how you are doing, or if I can help in any way! I will post the results tomorrow, just in case some of you didn't get a chance to email me your efforts. Thanks and I really miss everyone!


Results of Virtual Meet 1 ***UPDATED 4-2-20 at 8:50 PM***

Thank you to everyone who took part in today's meet! If you haven't sent me your times/distances yet, please do, so that I may post the results. There were some really good efforts that I've seen! Keep healthy and stay Nisky Strong!

Week 4 practice plan 

Our first meets were supposed to be this week so in that spirit, try to make Wednesday and Saturday, "competition" days. If you do "compete" please send me your times and distances so that I can maintain a leaderboard and update paces for your workouts. Hope all is well!

Week 4 Thrower Workouts 

Core exercises for high jump and pole vault

Also do 3 sets of 10 (or as many as you can do properly) of: Traditional pull-ups, Wide grip pull ups, Bicep curls, L- Ups, V-Ups

Week 3 Throwers workouts 

Week 3 workouts  -- if you need a copy of the circuits/warmups please email me and I will send you the PDF.

You should not be gathering to have "Captain's Practices". If you happen to be at the same place at the same time, stay at least 6 feet apart. So that we may start personalizing your workouts a little more, please make sure you report in any TT results from the week so I can start adjusting your personal paces for distance and sprint work. Hurdlers and field event people, just do the best you can in maintaining the sprint work, and use Videos to watch technique in the hurdles, jumps, and throws. I miss you guys and I hope you are all staying healthy!

Modified Track and Field Workouts from Coach Moran 

Click here for some hurdle drills with descriptions

Results of the Time Trial 100, 1500, 4x4, SMR, and 2 mile

Click here for Coach Moran's Modified Track and Field Information document 

Click here for the Booster Club membership form 


Click here for the alternate transportation home form

Click here to download the gray card that needs to be submitted to the nurse 

Click here for training and nutrition information as well as the gear checklist.


Gold Medal Running Camp

The Running School

Click here for the Booster Club membership form 


ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOLERS: The shuttle bus to Iroquois is ROUTE 21


The shuttle bus from VA to the HS is ROUTE 42. From VA to Iroquois is ROUTE 57

The shuttle bus from Iroquois to the HS is ROUTE 23


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